Corporate governance recruitment specialists

BeecherMadden recruiters represents over 10 years global recruitment experience across corporate governance, focusing across a range of niche areas. With a deep-rooted global network, our recruiters are well positioned to attract the most difficult talent across the corporate governance space.

Our definition of corporate governance includes the following areas:

  • Risk
  • Audit
  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Controls
  • Regulations
  • Fraud

Clients we support, range from global banks, financial services business, technology firms, oil & gas businesses, management consultancies, audit & tax firms, global retailers and fast track start businesses.

Examples of corporate governance roles BeecherMadden represents:

  • Director of risk management
  • IT audit consultant
  • Risk and controls analyst 
  • Compliance manager
  • Sanctions analyst
  • Senior enterprise risk manager 
  • Head of fraud 
  • Risk and compliance manager
  • AML manager 
  • Operational risk manager

BeecherMadden also provides talent across business resilience & security and niche technology management. BeecherMadden is an equal opportunities recruiter. All applications for job opportunities are consider on merit only.

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