Interview with Jon Reece on US 2017

What are your plans for the New York office?

My plans for the US are that by 2018 the NYC office is fully established with a growing team of recruiters servicing a diverse range of clients across the US. We have a fantastic opportunity out here with not just NYC but nationally with key areas such as Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Dallas to name a few.

By the end 2018 BeecherMadden will be known as the US number one niche provider of talent across cyber security, business resilience, corporate governance as well as compliance and regulation. This will be achieved through gradual steps which will include:

  1. First and foremost continually delivering the right talent to our clients.
  2. Increasing our brand awareness through the introduction of breakfast seminars, Cyber Security Awards and attending industry networking events.
  3. Having the best recruiters in the market. By creating a unique working environment which rewards our staff whilst ensuring we have some fun, we will be able to retain and attract the best recruiters out there.

The eventual aim is to have a US team and business match that of the UK.

What is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for us in the immediate future is building on the good work BeecherMadden has previously done out here in the US and leveraging those relationships. Due to the nature of our industry it is easy to have some quick success with a client but then lose traction for a variety of reasons. For example your key stakeholder changes positions/companies or as simple as ensuring you maintaining regular contact with your contacts. This is crucial as without this your relationships distil and you can miss opportunities.

The short to long term challenges are getting the BeecherMadden name out in the market to both clients and candidates. We want to be known as the number one niche provider of talent in our sectors and in order to do this we need to generate some real noise, not just through success but also via self promotion  and utilizing various platforms including social media and networking events.

The final key challenge is competition. No matter where you are in the world, competition is always  a challenge. Although the US market is very buoyant, it is highly competitive particularly within cyber security with new companies continually entering the market.  

What are your hopes for the future?

I want to ensure the US and UK are joined up and working as one. By that I mean regardless of where our employees are located, BeecherMadden is able to utilize its client relationships globally and offer our clients a consistent high level of service across the regions.

I am also expecting the US to have some of BeecherMadden’s top billing consultants. In this market and following the processes there really is no reason why people cannot become top billers out here.

Although my focus at present is 100% on establishing and building the NYC office, I will always be looking at the possibility of opening regional offices…but one step at time!!

What are you going to bring to the BeecherMadden company?

I am looking to bring a real focus to the US. By having a structured approach to what we do will allow us to intelligently target and break the market. I also want to promote an environment which provides a platform for people to reach their goals. Whether that be career progression or simply through monetary rewards (hopefully both!).

Finally, I want to ensure we continue the BeecherMadden culture of having fun. That is always going to be a crucial part. Yes we have to work hard in order to see the rewards but you need to have some fun along the way.

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