What will happen for cyber jobs in 2018

There will be more jobs as a result of replacements, than new hires

The past few years have seen companies create new jobs and teams at a shocking rate. However, the cyber security market is starting to reach a level of maturity. Most large organisations have had an established team for a while. The balance is starting to shift to replacing candidates who have left, rather than hiring for new roles. This will drive excellence, as companies look to improve upon what they have.


Competition intensifies on salaries

Since 2015, salaries have largely stagnated within cyber security. There are a few roles which have seen large increases, where candidates hold specific skill sets. With more candidates expecting internal promotions and companies replacing rather than adding new roles, we can expect to see companies increase salaries to attract the best talent. The CISO role has bucked this trend, with huge increases in wages and the market is ready for this to filter down.


More cyber jobs created within insurance

2017 has seen cyber insurance become commonplace and there have been a number of new roles created as a result. Companies have been looking to insure against the risk of GDPR, driving demand. New York has already passed legislation that affects insurers and there are loud rumours of new regulations that will affect the UK. We expect to see more jobs in this sector this year.


Cloud security on the decline?

Cloud security roles were in very high demand during 2016, declining slightly in 2017. Many companies are talking about taking data out of the cloud and bringing it back to be on their premises. A successful hack on one of the top three providers could shift this significantly.


More companies bring their SOC internal

Several large organisations already run their own SOC but as their security improves, we are expecting to see an increase in the number of companies doing this. This doesn’t necessarily mean new jobs in the UK however. We predict that many companies will bring this internal, but they will also offshore it to locations outside of the UK.


DevOps to become DevSecOps?

While not a new term, there is a growing focus on security being a key part of DevOps. It builds on the idea that everyone is responsible for security and that building security in at the early stages, provides better performance. At BeecherMadden, we have already seen some DevOps roles where security experience is essential. We are predicting that in 2018, that increases and becomes a new market in it’s own right.



How did our predictions fair in 2017?


Cyber insurance – we said that jobs within insurance companies would increase in 2017. This happened, as cyber insurance products hit the mainstream. As above, we expect this trend to intensify in 2018.


Salaries increase as international moves dip – the opposite happened here. Wage growth only happened for some key roles but international moves increased. This year we placed more candidates who were sponsored by their new employer, than ever before.


GDPR – this was indeed the buzzword of 2017. It has been impossible to escape people talking about GDPR and a huge number of roles have been created as a result. 

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